Our Purpose

To create ethical, professional and profitable financial advisory practices for our strategic partners at an international standard.


Core Values.

1. Smash expectations

2. Ethics, even when its hurts

3. Lead by example because we can

We are the best choice network for ethical and professional financial advisers and we share the growth of the company with our strategic partners.

All advisers are allocated a share of the company Client First NZ Limited when they join us. Advisers also receive many other financial benefits, advantages and professional standards, if you would like to know more please ​contact us​.

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Client First NZ was formed by Dylan Mann a Kiwi boy who brings 18 years local and international experience, investing owning and running financial services advisory organisations. His vision for the group is very clear, lead by example, be honest with your clients even if its hard, be an expert in your field so your advice is valuable to your community and clients.

We launched the company on Dylan’s birthday 25 Jan (2017), with only a very small group of advisers. We quickly grew in less than three months to an amazing 16 financial advisers. All wanting to achieve more job satisfaction, and do what they think is right for their clients who are often family members or long term clients that are more like good friends after time.

Our quick success can be attributed to the business practices, ethics, values of the group that start at the top. When our Adviser Development Team is looking at New Adviser Applications they selected advisers that genuinely have a “Client First Culture”.

Our three year company goal is to educate, teach and create 200+ financial adviser professionals. Each with their own micro business of 400 clients or less. Passing on proven techniques, researched best products, smart financial strategies so clients can make better financial decisions….only 184 to go.

Come Join us.

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We create you a customised training and development plan so that you can lead by example with professional ability and skill.


You can tap into our local and national marketing plan for more new business.


We help you create a local network of strategic partners that will give you more new business.


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