How to make change

Are you worried about whether you can make change when it comes to planning for your retirement? If so, I want to help you … I spoke with a life coach recently and he told me there are five main reasons why people do (or don’t do) anything.

Here are the five reasons why people struggle to change:

  • They don’t know what to do (lack of knowledge) – the solution is education.
  • They don’t know how to do it (lack of skill or ability) – the solution is training.
  • They don’t believe they can do it (lack of confidence) – the solution is coaching.
  • They don’t know why they should do it (lack of purpose) – the solution is creating a vision.
  • They don’t want to do it (lack of motivation) – the solution is inspiration.

International motivator Tony Robbins claims we do things for only one of two reasons: to gain pleasure or avoid pain. If we lack motivation about something, it’s because it involves either too much pain or not enough pleasure. In other words, there is (in our mind) less pain or more pleasure in maintaining the status quo.

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