Retirement in New Zealand 2018

Retirement today is much different to retiring 40-plus years ago. In past generations, people were not expected to live as long or do the fun and exciting things that retirees do these days. Because of technology and advances in medicine, we are living a lot longer in our retirement years, so our retirement fund needs to cover a longer period. Kiwis are travelling abroad more than ever before, and overseas travel is no longer considered a luxury item reserved only for the rich, as it was in past generations. Retirees (especially those who have denied themselves during their working lives) are keen to travel the globe, especially if they have children and grandchildren living overseas.

Developers have seen the opportunities with baby boomers retiring in huge numbers, and housing options for retirees have never been greater. It’s possible to sell a large family home and move into a modern unit within a retirement complex, with all modern conveniences and onsite facilities befitting a luxury resort. These options were not around 30 years ago, don’t be one of the few not seeking expert advice to ensure your retirement plan is robust against the changing economy – Come along to one of Dylan Mann’s short courses to learn the planning process for your achievable dream retirement.