Client First have invested in software which allows us to exclusively offer practice development tools and services within our advisory group making our practice operate as efficiently and profitably for our advisors and their clients.

  • Lower outgoing business costs for each advisory business
  • Increasing client leads
  • Adding valuable client services



Our focus at Client First is providing a large professional group of ethical advisers for the benefit of our members, partners and our clients through

  • advisory business growth
  • improved client relationships
  • strategic partnerships
  • becoming a leading benchmark for industry best practices and ethics


As a group, Client First aim to educate and help to future proof the investments of our clients by offering genuine advice.


By operating as a group, we secure market share which allows us bargaining power with insurance companies, ensuring our advisors get paid fairly and their clients get the best policy, best advice and best price.


Client First are a network of investment analysts, offering better rates and returns for our clients collectively by sharing resource exclusive to Client First members which help smart Kiwisaver investments.


Technologically Client First advisors are unparalleled. We have access to state of the art software exclusive to our group which means your process is shorter, smarter and client acquisition more simple.


As a group, we ensure financial benefits carry through our advisers to their clients. We hold a strict ethical and moral standpoint with regards to our practice.

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At this time it is free to join our Client First as a member or strategic partner. This won’t last long so if you’e thinking of becoming an advisor, get in touch today.