The start of the rest of your life

My friend has a middle-aged brother who was overweight. For the past 30 years he struggled to exercise and eat well. He ignored his wife’s constant pleas to lose weight. One day his doctor told him he would contract diabetes and die within 10 years if he didn’t change his ways. He gave up smoking and cut back on alcohol immediately. He soon found himself biking 50 kilometres regularly, and cooking nutritious and healthy meals for the first time in his life. What brought about this sudden and dramatic change and why hadn’t he made those changes earlier?  


  • Was it a lack of knowledge? No, he always knew his diet was poor and he knew he led a sedentary life (he was a truck driver).
  • Was it a lack of ability? No, he knew how to ride a bike since he was a boy, and he was fully capable of cooking and preparing healthy meals.  
  • Was it a lack of self-belief or confidence? No, he used to be healthy when he was a young man and he had a solid history of working in jobs that required strength and fitness.


The reasons why this man had struggled to change was because he didn’t see why he needed to change, and he didn’t want to change because it required sacrifices he wasn’t prepared to make. The doctor’s diagnosis removed both these obstacles in an instant. He made the man realise the greater price he was going to pay if he didn’t change (he was going to get sick and then die prematurely) and this gave him the motivation to change. The pain of being sick and dying prematurely was more than the pain of doing exercise and changing his eating habits.


What about you? What changes do you need to make if you are going to retire rich, and what are the potential obstacles that might prevent you from reaching that goal?

Let’s use the five reasons above to help you answer these questions:

  1. Do you know what you need to do to retire rich?
  2. Would you benefit from increasing your financial literacy.
  3. Do you have the skills to retire rich?
  4. Do you have the self-belief that you can push on and make the changes and implement the action steps needed to retire rich?
  5. Do you know why retirement planning is so important?
  6. Are you motivated about planning for your retirement?

Consider the pain of retiring poor in the future, compared to the pain of tightening up on your spending and increasing your savings now. And what about the pleasure you’ll have when you eventually retire. Won’t that be much more significant that the pleasure of just staying in your comfort zone now? In my experience, most people struggle in their retirement planning because they don’t know what to do, and it all seems so overwhelming. And because they can put it off another day, week, month or year, that’s exactly what they do. If you can relate to this, then my number one piece advice to you is to come along to one of Dylan Mann’s Retirement Basics course, this is the start of the rest of your life.